As someone once said, “A difference that is no difference, makes no difference.” To that point the biggest difference you’ll notice in working with Zen Windows as opposed to any other window company is your direct access to the Zen Windows’ business owner in your area. Each Zen windows location is owned and operated by a single, knowledgeable, skilled person. When you contact Zen Windows, you’ll be dealing with the most knowlegeable person directly, rather than interacting with a litany of subordinates, often with fractional understanding.

If we eliminate the layer between the one who knows the subject matter the best, in this case the window company owner, and you the customer, it is extremely likely that you will get an actual answer that is true to the latest information available.

When you’re working with the “salesperson,” problems arise when there are changes in the day-to-day operations with regard to product information, warrantee, installation best practices, and overall service and support. The sales person generally is very focused to get the sale accomplished and is not as particular about every single detail. Sales team driven interactions are more likely to leave out what turn out to be important details, and can end up costing you more money and headache.

Simplifying the workforce actually facilitates a more pure communication flow. Now it is true that this model would be no different if the owner of Zen Windows was to come out and visit you in your home and make a pressured sales pitch. Luckily, Zen Windows does not make you the customer suffer through such sales pitches. A sales person coming into your home can make you feel trapped, and eventually it is generally known that you are expected to sign the papers at the end of the presentation.  And if you don’t provide the signature, the presentation is likely to continue.

And there is the biggest difference. Less stress. Less time spent. Get a replacement window quote online with a minimal amount of your time invested. We’ll do the rest.

Windows are typically installed in 3-4 weeks.