Is a Quick Window Quote Process Even Possible? The Answer Is Yes.

Let’s face it. Too many window contractors waste their customer’s time with long-winded sales pitches. In fact, if you cut out the fluff, it really takes very little time to gather enough information to offer an accurate quote.

What It’s Like When You Call Zen Windows for a Quote

When you call our team asking for a quote, we’ll ask you some simple, straightforward questions. A question we always ask is “Why are you interested in replacing your windows?” Knowing why allows us to tailor our recommendation to match your desired results.

We’ll also ask you some basic questions about your home and find out what questions you have for us. We give you a very brief synopsis of who we are and how we work. No sales talk, just the information you need without the fluff typical of many window contractors.

It really is that easy.

Common Concerns About Our Process

You haven’t seen my home – how can you give me an accurate quote?

Oftentimes, we can bring up pictures of the exterior of your home using property records or other web resources. We are also skilled and experienced at asking you the right questions to get the information we need about your home. In the rare cases where we need more, we can arrange to visit your home.

Don’t forget – if you do decide to move forward with us, our project manager comes to your home to do a full measurement. We don’t leave anything to chance.

What if Zen Windows makes a mistake when quoting the project?

Our quotes are typically 100% accurate. Generally, the only time it would change is if you specifically authorized a change in the scope of the work. So, if we underbid your quote, that’s our problem. Your price won’t change and there are no hidden fees.

You must be leaving something out – what is missing from your quote process?

We leave out the sales pressure and all the other fluff. When you get right down to it, the process of pricing new window installation is a relatively simple calculation based on the number of windows being installed and what style and options you want.

Learn all about Zen Windows and our process. Then, give us a call at for your free quote. It only takes about a few minutes of your time, and there is no obligation.