Your house’s front door is more than just an entry, it’s an invitation into your home. It’s the passageway through which you welcome guests. It’s the threshold where you know you’ve come home. Choosing and replacing a door in your home isn’t just selecting a swinging panel that opens and closes, so here are three things you should consider when buying one.

Look + Style
The look of your front door is integral to the overall feel of your home. Just as houses are built in different styles and time periods, doors can represent a different feel or era. Consider, first, the material out of which the door is constructed. Buyers can choose from materials such as, fiberglass, steel, wood, or a combination. Each one offers a different feel, weight, and style. An older home, for instance, would most likely require a wooden door to match the doorframe and interior woodwork. Second, think about the use of glass in the door. Choose from larger single panes, a grouping of smaller ones, or even stained glass. Zen Windows Colorado Springs will offer detailed window designs with nearly any color or shape of glass.

Safety + Privacy
A second consideration for replacing a door is your security and privacy needs. All front doors will have solid locking mechanisms, but buyers can choose from doors with handle locks, deadbolts, or both. Purchasing a door with glass? Consider the thickness of the glass and whether it should be frosted or clear. You can us, too, about how doors might be fitted with sensors that integrate with home security systems.

Installation + Warranty
If you’re in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, ask us about our warranties and installation, we are glad to explain all that is included. We will share with you what guarantees exist and how long these warranties last. We can discuss how you can file a request for service if you notice a problem or had a possible warranty question. Working with Zen Windows Colorado Springs will ensure a professional installation of the door will give you peace of mind about security concerns and correct sealing of the doorway.

Also feel free to ask how the threshold will sit within your home to make sure that the door installation present like you would expect with your interior flooring. Knowing how this will be before the installation will greatly limit any surprises from another window and door company that has not reviewed these details with you.

Choosing a replacement front door will enhance your home’s look and feel, but it can do so much more. Also consider the style, the security features, and the options offered by door and window companies, and you’ll surely find one that creates the perfect welcome to your Colorado Springs area home.