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Install New Windows With Zen Windows in Boone, CO

Zen Windows is the favorite window installation company in Boone, CO with a substantial enough selection of energy-saving windows to fit in with any design and the service to make installing windows a good experience instead of a hassle. Residential window installation services are a significant investment when it comes to temperature regulation and property value. Still, it’s beneficial to know all the details and characteristics available to ensure you get the highest ROI.

All your window features should work to your benefit. The glass and the material around it and how a window operates play an important part in their performance throughout the years. We’ll go over those details with you and hope you choose Zen Windows as the window installation company in Boone, CO that provides homeowners with the most value.

Will Residential Window Installations Increase Real Estate Value?

A new window installation has one of the best returns on investment in terms of home improvement projects. Homeowners in Boone, CO recoup as much as 70-85% of their new window installation costs when they sell their homes. That means if you spend $1,000 on your new residential window installations, the real estate value can increase to $850. But there's even more value to be had when you consider the energy savings.

Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners today, and homebuyers are willing to pay more if you install new windows that provide it. Energy-efficient windows make it possible to regulate regulate inside temperature by insulating the interior of your home from the outdoor temperature. A strong seal will reduce stress on your heating and cooling systems, substantially minimizing your monthly energy bills and literally allowing the window installation to pay for itself over time.

Window Installation Process

We demystify the window-buying process with our straightforward process that removes the need for any pushy sales associates in your home. We believe it should be easy to get a simple and accurate estimate that you can depend on when budgeting for residential window installations. There's no upfront payment needed to get your project started and you’ll have direct access to the owner who will make certain that you’re completely satisfied with the installation. You can look forward to us delivering the type of high-quality results that have warranted an impeccable reputation.

We follow the process below for residential window installations:

  • Request a quote online or call our location in Boone, CO
  • We will follow up to go over the features of the project
  • Your estimate is sent to you via email for approval
  • A manager will plan a time to measure your windows
  • Residential windows will be installed professionally by experienced installers
  • You don’t pay anything until your window installation is done and you’re totally satisfied
  • Your residential windows are now covered by our double lifetime warranty, which transfers to the new homeowners if you sell and includes both labor and materials

Zen Windows Window Installations

Zen Windows is a leading window installation company in Boone, CO that gives you the details you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Luckily for you, we provide a range of styles and characteristics at competitive prices, so you can get exactly what you want at a price that falls within your budget. The windows we install are made to look great and insulate your home from season to season to make it a more comfortable place to be. Our straightforward process helps you buy the kinds of window products you want without a down payment or sales pressures.

We manage your window installation with your convenience and needs in mind every step of the way, including the cleanup when we've completed it. Call us first and avoid the typical runaround of other competitors. Our installers provide you with durable, quality window products and we help protect your investment with a double lifetime warranty that ensures you’ll be satisfied no matter what.

Reach Out to Us for New Window Installations

When you’re in the market for residential windows, let our skilled installers manage the project. Simply contact us on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to go over the details of your project. We’re knowledgeable about all styles of windows and the benefits they each provide. If you’re prepared to begin, we’ll make our way down to your home to take accurate measurements and handle the installation. The window products in our inventory are available at different prices to meet the unique needs of our customers in Boone, CO. Enjoy the process of purchasing windows and speak with us about the project you’re envisioning to have all your questions answered before choosing the right one. You can also call your local Zen Windows to request an accurate, upfront quote.