Yes. But it doesn’t have to happen. When you hire Zen Windows Colorado Springs for your window replacement project we guarantee this won’t happen to you! We know because, we will not receive one dime (no deposit, no prepayment) until the job is finished and the job site is cleared, cleaned better than when we arrived and you are completely satisfied.

When buying replacement windows here in Colorado Springs, expensive doesn’t always equate to quality. The replacement windows themselves are not the entire project. Be mindful that proper installation is the key to your windows longevity, efficiency, function and appearance.

How will you know if you got a bad installment job? There is one simple way that most homeowners can spy bad installation. GAPS. Gaps are the enemy of replacement windows. The whole point of getting replacement windows is to have new, easy to use, custom fit, energy efficient windows that look great. Gaps will ruin integrity and purpose of the whole package.

Here are 4 primary reasons for gaps:

Window not level
If you close your window and there is a gap at the bottom, even small gaps will mean that your window is not level and will never properly seal as the window was engineered.

Bad shimming
Shims are vital to the installation of your new window. When installing the shims, the installer must precisely place the shims on the bottom of the window to securely hold the full weight of the glass. In addition to the bottom shims, there are also shims on the sides of the window frame. These shims are necessary to maintain the shape of the frame and to keep it from budging. Mis-installation of shims will further the risk of developing gaps post installation.

Misaligned trim
If you go outside to look at your window and see any gaps between the siding and the window, you’ve got problems. Not only does it look sloppy, but if you live in Colorado Springs, CO, or anywhere in the Northern U.S., this provides the opportunity for water and ice to get between your siding and the wall of your home, espeically over the period of a few years.

Careless caulking
Caulk needs to properly adhere to a clean surface and needs to be applied precisely. After it is applied it then needs to be “tooled” or smoothed out to prevent gaps and bumps. When this is done properly, the bead of caulk will be seamless to the eye, smooth to the touch, and ready to take on inclimate weather. But that is not all. Some caulkings are only going to last a few years, exposed to the weather. Be sure the the caulking used is certified to last for decades.

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