The Zen windows business model is a big shift from the traditional window replacement company approach to doing business. There are several different models in the business world for conducting business including a variety of methods that are more akin to a shotgun approach then to a savvy way of conducting business.

It is not improbable that at some point US business schools and Business theorists will more closely look at the Philosophy behind the shift implemented by Dan Wolt, the creator of the Zen windows business model, for selling replacement windows.

Starting in Columbus Ohio, Dan Wolt used his extensive experience in the replacement window industry to devise a better way to market, sell, and install Zen replacement windows. So in the midst of doing things the wrong way, there can emerge an approach that supersedes and is actually better (for all involved) than the old way.

As far is business models go, there are plenty of businesses still using phones to reach customers via the “cold call” method. This is indisputably a grueling and exhausting difficult process for both the caller and the one receiving the call.

Dan was not content with the old dated process that was frustrating to all parties involved. And he was not willing to start his own company following the same pattern as every other window company.

Mr. Wolt now speaks at business schools around the country, explaining the benefits of his progressive and innovative sales and marketing strategies. Call or log on to Zen Windows today and learn how easy it is to obtain new replacement windows!