Yes, our Lotus Triple Pane replacement are so efficient exactly because of the high-performance ULTRA S Glass system. The Ultra S features double-strength glass, has two high-performance Low-E special coatings, include metal-free warm-edge system and argon gas. Together this spell the best possible thermal protection for all of your window openings. Why choose a thinner less thermally protective window if it is within your budget to go with the Zen Windows Dayton Lotus triple pane?

Sometimes clients will replace ‘some’ of their windows but not all. If there is a special shaped window, or funky hopper, or awning shaped window, these windows are sometimes overlooked when windows are being replaced. When that happens, and then the cold or super-hot days come around, the triple pane windows act like a heat shield or a shield from the cold but if you walk by, or place your hand near the window that you did not replace, you will feel the hot or cold slipping thru. That’s just energy dollars flowing out the window (so to speak).

Zen Windows Dayton can make any shape window, even custom rounds, semi round, or odd shaped windows, to make sure when you have your house upgraded to the latest triple pane Lotus replacement windows, all of your windows can be done at once.

If you start a quote with us, a discussion about your window project, we first ask for the quantity of the various types of windows, it’s that easy to get started. There is a place in the quote for the quantity of custom windows, we can get all the details and exact shape, measurements when our installation manager arrives to do the precise measurement for all of your other windows.

Triple pane windows, of any style or type has never been easier. Get started today with your quick replacement window quote from Zen Windows Dayton.