How much is home value boosted in Dayton by Replacing Windows?
Dayton, Ohio is in the a region called North-east, and the vinyl replacement windows like other major home remodeling projects have been tabulated and the added value to a home calculated using statistical modeling. (Source: Replacement Window Value)

Of course anyone working on important projects like replacing old windows would be interested to know what portion of their investment would add to the total value of their home. When considering purchasing new vinyl windows in the Dayton, Ohio area, you may have a few specific questions. Besides energy savings, how will this affect my home’s value? What happens if we decided to sell in the next few years? Will the home value rise? By how much?

Statistically speaking, the average homeowner can immediately tack on about 62% percent of the cost of new windows when they go to sell their home. So if you were to install windows at a cost of $10,000 dollars you can increase your asking price by $6,200 dollars. It is also likely that if other homes in your area would not have new replacement windows you may be able to increase your asking price even more. (Consult a real estate agent savvy with the nuances of comparable listings in your immediate area.)

When Zen windows are installed in your home, you’ll be satisfied to know that the long term energy efficiency will be increased within your home saving you more and more money over the years. Along with lower heating and cooling costs, added energy efficiency also increases the value of your Dayton area home.

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