When you speak with Zen Windows Dayton about your window project, we would be glad to review with you the three main areas of safety as they relate to your replacement windows. While our service area is the Dayton and surrounding communities (including Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, Fairborn, Huber Heights, Enon, Springfield to the East. As far south as the juncture of 75 and 675. West of Dayton as far as Brookville.)

Fire Safety:
Do you have an escape plan implemented within your home in case of a fire? Are your old outdated windows hard to open? Egress should always be considered when evaluating the safety of your home. If a fire occurs in your home, an accessible window may be the only means of escape. Be sure to check that all windows are easy to open and provide ample amount of room to crawl out. If your old windows are hard to open, catch, or don’t open all the way, not all of your family members or sleep over visitors may not be able to work the lock or know the trick to getting the older window open in an emergency then it may be time to consider replacement windows from Zen Windows Dayton.

Fall Prevention:
Are your windows out of reach? If it is necessary to have windows open in your home, open windows that are out of reach of small children or pets. Remember that even if a window has a screen, an insect screen is not secure enough to prevent a fall. Screens are meant to allow ventilation while simultaneously preventing insects from entering your home. Zen Windows Dayton installs their windows with safety in mind. To prevent falls and unwanted break-ins, Zen Windows have a feature that allows the window to only be opened a few inches, this allows for ventilation while preventing a person from falling through an open window. Another way to curb a fall through an open window is to consider what lies below your window on the outside. Consider placing a thick shrub, excess wood chips, mulch below windows. In the event of fall, this added consideration may dampen the subsequent injury due to a fall.

Security & Maintenance: 
Old window locks sometimes can be more easily defeated by intruders. In an effort to prevent break-ins and burglaries, always keep your new replacement vinyl windows locked when not in use. This habit will deter intruders and give you peace of mind. In addition to keeping windows locked, consider adding a security system that includes window sensors and glass shatter detectors. Modern security systems will also alert you if a window or door is open or has been opened.

When using a ladder around the home, never prop a ladder against a pane glass window. The pressure from the ladder will likely break your window and subsequent injury may occur. If your windows do break or shatter, be mindful that broken glass is extremely dangerous to you and your loved ones, always wear gloves and dispose of broken glass responsibly. Contact us and you we will help you leverage your Zen Window Dayton installed windows’ double warranty.

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