Welcome to Zen Windows Colorado Springs where we believe in providing high-quality windows and doors with a hassle-free, no pressure sales approach like no other window company.

Meet John Tobia! John has been the owner of Zen Windows Colorado Springs since 2021. With his experience, John knows first hand what it takes to make window replacement a smooth and stress-free experience for his customers. 

John co-owned a custom home-building company with his brother-in-law in the early 2000s building homes from the mountains of Colorado to the ranches on the easter plains. They managed all of the aspects of the construction from start to finish. He then owned five food distribution routes in the Denver metro area supplying grocery stores and restaurants with food products. 

John was looking for a franchise opportunity that would allow him to own a proven business model that could combine with his enjoyment of helping people. He found that with Zen Windows. 

John recognizes that for many, one of their most important assets is their home. Along with the emotional tie that comes with a home and the memories that are created there, he loves being able to help home owners make their homes a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live.

By recognizing how important a home is, John wants to ensure that each customer is well taken care of throughout the process of purchasing new windows. He has a commitment to customer satisfaction and high standards that have helped him in both Zen Windows and the previous businesses he has owned.

John enjoys all Colorado has to offer for outdoor activities and adventures. He also likes to travel and enjoys new experiences. He is an avid baseball and hockey fan and often incorporates those games and stadiums into his travel destination choices.

Johns's immediate family all live in Colorado. His wife is a fifth-generation Colorado native and his stepson is heavily involved in local theater, but hoping to move east to pursue his career.  Family is the most important thing to John and he enjoys spending time with them. 

John enjoys being a small business owner because it enables him to be involved in his community and to help people.

From start to finish, replacing windows should be a simple and easy process for the homeowner. The Zen Windows Sales Process completely does away with any in-home sales presentation allowing clients to shop online, on their own time, with zero high-pressure sales.